Sunday, February 12, 2006

Canadian Border Agents...armed at last.

My new cyber-buddy, Hope and I were introduced after she commented on a rather blistering post I wrote about Canadian Border Agents. (I also took a couple of cheap shots at Canadians in general just because I can...I said some awful stuff like....they wear ear muffs and eat bacon. I drew reference to the fact that they ice fish and included the disparaging remark that some of them indeed speak French...Hope took the bait and now we're sorta like fun pokin' friends.)

Being unarmed, they (the Border Agents) fled their posts when confronted with a shootout between criminals trying to cross the border and the US police who were chasing them. My post was intended to be directed at the liberal government who placed them there without the necessary tools to do their job. Their job is to protect the national borders of Canada in this, the age of terror. Enforcement tools such as firearms, restraining devices and law enforcement authority to include powers of arrest are absolutely necessary to perform the duties required of them. To an American that fact seems almost elementary and quite comical. But to the Border Agents who manned those posts it was no laughing matter. So let me just say this about that. If I ever found myself in the unfortunate position of having to guard something as important as a national border and were unarmed, when confronted with a shootout, I too would have sought cover or distance, preferrably both. So my attack was directed more at the idiots who decided that guns are bad and the sentries who guard the very entry points to the nation cannot be trusted with them.

Well, things have apparently changed. It was a wakeup call that should not have had to come but the authorities have indeed heeded that call. Now this story has sort of faded out of US news and other headlines dominate the media so I could not locate an article to link to but I shall take Hope at her word. According to the Minister of Justice, as of spring of this year, all Canadian Border Agents will be packing heat and I believe that Canada will be a safer nation because of it.

So hats off to the Minister of Justice, may he continue to make wise decisions such as this. Perhaps one day, more Canadians will fervently and voraciously defend their right to self defense, for it is in danger. Forces are at work in their government that will take them the way of Austrailia, South Africa, Germany, and Great Britain. Their current government wants to disarm them and if that happens they will not have a government of, for and by the people. The only sure way to prevent tyranny in government is to have a well armed society. It is in the national interest of the United States to have a strong and well defended ally to our north. One who's people are secure and able to defend themselves. Canadians woke up this week. Let us hope they stay awake.