Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I've reached a turning point

A brief (incomplete) list of major milestones in my life

May 1989 - Graduated High School, barely.
Jun 1989 - Suprised to discover that I do not know everything.
Nov 2, 1989 - Arrived at boot camp.
Nov 3, 1989 - Shocked to discover that I don't know much.
Jul 20, 1990 - Married (eloped actually) for explanation, see above.
Oct 12, 1992 - Got stabbed, didn't die, discovered God cares for idiots.
May 5, 1993 - Became a Firefighter....I gotta lose some weight.
Feb 11, 1994 - Birth of my son....Oh happy day.
Feb 14, 1994 - Brought son home, discovered I don't know anything.
Nov 7, 1995 - Birth of my daughter....Oh happy day.
Jun 11, 1997 - Graduated from Law Enforcement Academy, starting to grow up.
TODAY - Made "official" change from briefs to boxers...Yeah baby!

Now that last one may seem trivial to some but it is a major deal to me by gawd. I've worn the whitey tighties all my life. But I've been missin' out on some serious comfort level folks. I've been experimenting for a while. I tried the boxer briefs and that was an improvement but something was missing. I discovered what that was...freedom! As a matter of fact I'd just commit to going "commando" from now on but I don't want to embarass my mother. So boxers it is. I feel like a new man. I bet this will lower my blood pressure, possibly bring me good fortune, make me more attractive.....who the hell knows, but I like it.