Tuesday, February 21, 2006

OK, repeat after me: "I am a security guard...not a police officer."

Wannabe's are hilarious. They never cease to amaze me. Ever go to the mall and watch the uniformed security guards? Ours wear these big 'ol smokey bear trooper style caps pulled low over their brow, patent leather belts with all kinds of accesories and gadgets like flashlight holders and little cases for who knows what...they look like batman with all that crap on their belt. They wear more little brass gadgets on their uniform than a decorated war vet in full dress. They have so much shiney stuff that it looks like someone hit them in the chest with a tackle box. I saw one with a police scanner on his belt with (no joke) a lapel mic taped to the scanner and clipped on his shoulder just so he could look more like a police officer. (a scanner is "receive only", a lapel mic is for transmitting) They strut around all "swolled" up and harass little kids that are running or being loud. It really is entertaining.

So this story is very funny to me. It seems two security guards with the Montgomery County "Homeland Security" Department overstepped their authority and decided to enforce "obscenity laws" on a library patron who was viewing "questionable material". What's funny is how they did it. Apparently these two unarmed security guards with absolutely no law enforcement powers whatsoever announced to the entire library that viewing pornography was illegal (incidently it is not, even in the library) and then singled out one patron and asked him to step outside. Upon the arrival of "real" law enforcement, the matter was cleared up and the only ones stepping outside were the two "Barney Fife's". I don't think that people should view pornography on public computers, but the law apparently allows it. Either way, policing it absolutely wasn't the job of the "uniformed hall monitors". Man it had to be funny to watch.