Friday, February 10, 2006

They'd kill you over a cartoon!

This is not Al Qaeda. This is not Hamas. This is not Islamic Jihad or any other organized terrorist group. These are "westernized" muslims who live in your neighborhood. Their "religion of peace" commands them to put to the sword anyone who openly disputes the validity of Islam. Read the signs of these "moderate" muslims..."exterminate"..."massacre". Other signs in this same demonstration used words like "behead". Islam is a religion of intolerance and violence. These blood thirsty savages will exploit the freedoms provided by western democracies and use those very liberties to destroy them from the inside out while ultra-liberals defend to the death (their own death) the "right" of these fanatics to continue to preach and teach in their friendly neighborhood mosques and madrassas the hatred and intolerance that fuels this rabid religion. If we don't rise to the challenge of this "holy war" and make it JUST THAT a holy war...we will soon be in the same boat as France and Russia and what will soon be all of Europe. Wake up folks! The wolf is at the door.