Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"I really don't want to get involved..."

Those are the words that I hear day after day from “concerned citizens” who dial 911.

Concerned Citizen -“There’s a man lying on the side of the road, he needs some help!”
911 –“Is he conscious?”
Concerned Citizen –“I don’t know?”
911 –“Can you check?”
Concerned Citizen –“I, I…I really don’t want to get involved!”
911 –“Sir, it’s very important that we know if he’s conscious and breathing.”
Concerned Citizen –“CLICK…..”

Concerned Citizen –“There’s been an accident.”
911 –“Where?”
Concerned Citizen –“On Hwy 29…A car just ran off the road into the woods!”
911 –“Ma’am, where on Hwy 29?”
Concerned Citizen –“I don’t know. It’s between Molino and Century.”
911 –“Ma’am, that’s a very long stretch of road. Is there a cross street nearby?
Concerned Citizen –“ Yes, there was a street right near where he wrecked!”
911 –“What was the name of that street?”
Concerned Citizen –“I don’t know, but I’ll tell you the next one I see.”
911 –“You didn’t stop?”
Concerned Citizen –“No, I didn’t want to get involved.”
911 –“How long ago did you pass the wreck?”
Concerned Citizen –“I don’t know, a few miles maybe.”
911 –“ Ma’am, I need you to go back and flag down the fire truck and show them where it is.”
Concerned Citizen –“Look, I told you I don’t want to get involved.
911 –“Ma’am, please, you’re the only call we’ve received, we need your help to locate it.
Concerned Citizen –“CLICK…..”

What the hell happened to the world? No one gives a damn anymore. We all live in our little bubble and dare not venture out of it to help someone who we don’t know. Yet we all want help in our own times of need, regardless if it’s from a stranger. Everyone is willing to accept assistance but so few are inclined to give it. What a sad state of affairs that is. What about you? Are you a “Concerned Citizen”?