Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What I do.

In light of recent events I've discovered that there is a side of me, a very large facet of my life, that remains under wraps. Though occasionally mentioned, I've purposly kept much of the subject matter of what I do for a living out of this blog for several reasons. Among them are the fact that after 12 hours a day of dealing with it, I don't want to discuss it, write about it, or even think about it.

But as I look around at the burnouts who surround me daily, I've come to realize that it is not healthy to bury what makes up such a large part of my life. My line of work is difficult to do and even more difficult to discuss. It is replete with morally corrupt individuals, sick and twisted subject matter and incredible stressors that weigh heavily on my soul. Many readers of this site may not wish to be exposed to such tragedy and sadness as I encounter on a daily basis. So, for the benefit of my blood pressure and my sanity, I've decided to separate that subject matter in a new blog entitled, "9-1-1, how the hell can I help you?" Visit if you wish. Comment if you like. But, no offense to any who should read....it is more for me, than for you.