Friday, April 07, 2006

"You got no right to enforce the law on me....I'm black!"


Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, D-GA is being investigated by a grand jury for slapping the Capitol Police Officer who stopped her for bypassing a security checkpoint. Having changed her hair from her traditional cornrows to a big afro, the officer didn't recognize her and proceeded to DO HIS JOB. Ms McKinney could've respond with showing her badge or even verbally identifying herself but chose Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer instead. Her defense.....Oh yeah.....It was racial!

"She has a long history of racism," DeLay, R-Texas, said on Fox News Channel. "Everything is racism with her. This is incredible arrogance that sometimes hits these members of Congress, but especially Cynthia McKinney."

Interestingly enough, McKinney has been keeping a high profile, throwing the race card around news conferences and interviews, but failed to make this accusation during her pathetic apology on the House Floor. McKinney basically apologized for the "misunderstanding" and regrets that the incident "escalated". What she didn't apologize for is her action which, in my humble opinion, constitutes no real apology at all.

Yeah, it's because she's black.