Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogroll's getting longer.

Couple of updates on my blogroll recently. Hot Rod Hanna is another Public Safety Blog as is My 5150 World. Good reads and of a subject matter to which I can certainly relate. For those of you who don't know, I have another blog that I maintain, 9-1-1, how the hell can I help you? It's limited to my line of work, but I pour just as much of myself into that blog as I do this one. It's a less patient side of me, but, for those who are curious as to who I really am, it's a side of me I cannot deny. I welcome any to visit.

Publius has a gift for composing his opinions into fluid, easy to read posts. He and I see alike on many issues. If you like reading here, I think you'll enjoy reading there as well. Finally, a blog I believe is destined for extreme popularity and a very large readership base...Flipping Coins is a Liberal vs Conservative viewpoint blog. It's a great idea that presents the views and beliefs of one very liberal, but very passionate and intelligent man and one equally passionate and intelligent Conservative. Both have proven to be very articulate and fantastic debators. It's stimulating reading and I know I will be looking forward to their next post.

Give 'em all a visit.