Friday, July 21, 2006

LIE DOWN AND DIE, OR STAND UP AND LIVE.....Not a hard choice if you ask me.

Sean Hannity brought up an excellent point tonight. If there were 1500 some odd rockets being launched against US cities causing hundreds of innocent civilians to be killed or injured; If American Soldiers were being abducted; Would the United States entertain any international calls for restraint? Would we care what the League of Arab States had to say about it? Would the UN be able to dissuade us from destroying those who were responsible? I think not. Yet the United States is among those calling for Israel to pull their punch.

It's a two edged sword. Israel can't sit idle and wait for Hezbollah to launch these Iranian rockets into their cities and kill their citizens. UN resolutions are slow and toothless and waiting on diplomacy only causes more deaths. Yet, if they continue kicking ass, (which they do quite well) they stand to strengthen the very enemy they seek to destroy, because the more Lebanese civilians who die in the streets as a result of Israeli fire, the more it will strengthen their resolve to fight. It's a very strange phenomenon but the more death, pain and destruction that Hezbollah brings to the citizens it claims to protect, the stronger they become.

The same is true of Hamas. Like cowards, they blend with, hide amongst and launch their attacks from within the civilian population and, consequently, the Israelis return fire.....They have to. But instead of being pissed at the men who bring this destruction to their doorstep, they blame Israel. Its almost as if they're incapable of reason. The people are literally brainless sheep. So how do you reason with an enemy who can't be reasoned with? How do you bargain with a people who see death as a glorious means to an end? The answer is, You don't. You kill them. Backing down doesn't work. Offering appeasement doesn't work. Giving them land doesn't work. Doing nothing DOES NOT WORK. You either fight for your right to exist or you DIE, it's that simple...and you don't fight that fight half heartedly. You fight that fight with all you have. In spite of calls to restrain themselves, de-escalate, or cease fire, turning up the heat seems the only viable self preserving act they can take. I'm kind of torn with this because it goes against my very moral fiber to feel the way I do but.......BURN, ARABIA, BURN!