Monday, July 17, 2006

A new set of clothes. Fer now, It's BWIGHT WED WABBIT HUNTING CWOVES!

Yes, change is good every now and again. One ought to stay true to self when considering such an important change as the profile picture on one's blog. It's gotta fit. It's gotta say something....all the better if it screams something. My "gun nut" ticked folks off. That's why I left it up for so long. It's me. But, as I said, change is good. So how to remain true to my character required some exhaustive and extensive research. And, after careful consideration, I believe I've chosen cleverly....A TWUE WIGHT WING WADICAL, COMPWETE WIV HIS TWUSTY WABBIT BWASTING WIFLE...AND I WIKE IT!

Hope, I considered your Yosemite Sam suggestion and came close to choosing it, but...I believe I bare more resemblance to and identify more closely with this guy. We are both armed most of the time. We have the same haircut. He has a profound speech impediment that fits perfectly with my blog title. We both cherish the Second Amendment and BEWIEVE IN OUR WIGHT TO PWOTECT OURSELVES AND THE WUNS WE WUV, BY COMPWETEWY BWASTING THOSE WASCAWY, WEPULSIVE AND WEPUGNANT CWIMINALS TO WITTLE BWUDDY SMIVAWEENS! (Man, its fun talking like should try it!) Yes, Elmer Fudd fits me just right...even better than my first pic, Marvin the Martian. But I'm not pandering to anyone's delicate sensitivities. The "gun nut' that pisses folks off so much is not retired, just benched. So enjoy, but don't get too comfortable...I'm liable to change my appearance at any time.