Sunday, August 13, 2006

What?? Not here!

I think the best way to describe where I live is as an expanding rural community. We're growing by leaps and bounds but still have the flavor of a country little town. I work in a more fast paced urban city and retire in the evenings, right across the bay, to the peace and quiet of this comfortably old fashioned little corner of the globe. I like it. I like the people. I like the fact that there are more churches per capita than anywhere else in the world, so saith Guinness. Yep, if the south is the "Bible Belt" then this would be the buckle. People here go to church on Sunday. They just do. Businesses are closed, except for the local buffet restaurant, and Southern folk observe the sabbath in the time honored tradition of eatin', worshipin', eatin' again and relaxin' that order.

You get the picture? We're a throwback to a time when people were well mannered and hard working. We got a town square, built around a courthouse and a Masonic Lodge, with railroad tracks running through it. Folks, it don't get no more Southern than this! So imagine the shock that befell the local High School when a young man showed up this year wearing a dress, a wig, and fake breasts. Yeah, a cross dressing boy in one of the most conservative towns in Florida. Suffice to say, it's an outrage. It's a disturbance to an atmosphere that is otherwise conducive to the excellent secondary education offered by our fine school system. What makes it even more ridiculous is that this boy demands the right to use the female restroom. Well, the school board put there foot down there and said "absolutely not." That's great, but they showed no spine by giving in and providing a faculty restroom for this little wierdo to use and allowing him to keep causing a disruption by continuing to come to school in drag. What has happened to our common sense? Where are we going? This is just plain wrong.

The media, of course, hasn't helped matters any. Our local ABC affiliate, known for having hired quite a few gay and lesbian anchors and for doing more than their share of "gay friendly" stories has jumped all over this. Their reporting was pathetic. In a sorry attempt at being "impartial", they conducted two interviews with opposing arguments on this matter. One was a very liberal but articulate young student and her mother who thought that the taunting and tormenting that this young man receives on a regular basis is unacceptable and amounts to torture. Her mother said that this should be a "lesson in tolerance for the school and our community". Then, to be "fair", they interviewed the opposition.... a toothless, straw hat wearing, leathery old peanut farmer leaning on his John Deer tractor. The old codger spoke his mind but he was obviously uneducated and he literally looked and sounded like "Larry the Cable Guy." (If you don't know who that is, Google him'll see my point) He couldn't rub two words together to make a grammatically correct sentence to save his life. He may very well have attended a Klan meeting or two in his day. And the media just ate it up, buddy. They loved him! He was the stereotypical redneck that they'd love for you to perceive all conservatives to be. The reporter must have bypassed 500 well educated, articulate parents who condemn this high school drag queen. He hand picked this fella' to speak for the rest of us. He didn't want a challenge. He didn't want anyone to actually present a plausible argument as to why this should not be allowed. It was blatantly obvious that this reporter was extremely liberal. So too must be the editor for allowing this type of one sided reporting to make the evening news. Now there's "fair and balanced" for you.

Fact is, nobody really cares if this boy is queer. Nobody's telling him he can't be. But, like the rest of the gay and lesbian community, it's par for the course for them to take their "lifestyle" and flaunt it in your face and shove it down your throat, daring you to speak against it and demanding that their deviant behavior be declared as "normal" and "wholesome". You got something to say about it? They'll label it as "intolerant hate speech" or get the media's help to dismiss it as redneck rhetoric. Where are we gonna draw the line now? Will there be any lines? Will it be "anything goes" for our minor children in school now? Is middle school next? Elementary, maybe? Hell, why have any standards at all?

School Uniforms. I'm all for 'em. HOME SCHOOLING...That's even better!