Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wadical's Armed Citizen Award!

Chris Chappell is the first recipient of Wight Wing Wadical's "Armed Citizen Award". Mr Chappel was instrumental in the apprehension of a murdering bank robber and exemplifies the purpose and value of an armed populous.

On May 14th, just after 9 am, Chappell was standing in line waiting for a teller when a thug with a gun entered the bank and with no warning at all, began shooting. Chappell along with some other bank patrons was able to scramble out of the bank, and retrieved his own firearm before taking cover.Meanwhile, unknown to Chappell, inside the bank people were dying.

Though she did not resist, the cowardly thug, piece of shit criminal, William Merriweather Jr. killed bank teller, Eva Lovelady Hudson by shooting her in the face. Then he systematically began shooting each teller, also killing Sheila Prevo and seriously wounding Anita Gordon and LaToya Freeman before ordering Bank Manager, Myron Gooding to open the vault. Money in hand, Merriweather exited the bank only to find himself on the business end of Chris Chappell's firearm and forcing him to retreat back into the bank. Again he attempted to exit but found Chappell standing firm with his firearm drawn. A short while later Sheriff's Deputies arrived and joined Chappell in securing the bank's exit. Merriweather, attempted to escape using Gooding as a hostage but stumbled, giving Deputy Alan Rhea a clear shot which he skillfully placed right in the groin! Falling to the ground and still clutching his bag of illgotten gain, the money had to be pried out of Merriweather's hands so that he could be handcuffed.

Along with the armed robbery charge, Merriweather faces two counts of Capital Murder, and two counts of attempted murder and Chris Chappell stands as one solid reason why this piece of shit predator isn't still out there robbing and killing. True to the criminal justice standard in the south, The Great State of Alabama will most certainly expedite Merriweathers meeting with his maker via a potent cocktail in the arm. But let us imagine for a moment if Chappell's firearm hadn't been in his vehicle that day. Merriweather may well have gotten away only to kill again. While you're considering that, imagine still that instead of in his vehicle, Chappell's firearm had been securly fastened to his hip! Might Hudson and Prevo still be alive? You ponder. I'm giving the guy an award.