Thursday, May 10, 2007

Front sight, Front sight, where have you gone?

The older I get the harder it is for my eyes to focus on that evasive blurry little front sight. Any novice shooter knows that proper sight picture dictates that the front sight alone is in focus and everything else, including the target is blurry. That's hard to do sometimes depending on your eyesight, target color and backdrop, various lighting conditions etc...especially with the white, three dot sights that are so common on handguns today. It's hard to tell if that white dot is in focus or if it is blurry.

So I decided to try something to remedy it, and it worked! I simply got a Sharpie and put a small dot right in the center of my front sight. Now my eye is naturally drawn to the contrast of the black dot on the white sight and my proper sight picture comes into focus much faster. If your grouping just ain't what it used to be or is inconsistent, try this (provided you don't have tritium night sights). It's easy and worked great for me. Hint: be very only get one shot with the Sharpie at getting that dot right in the center of the front sight but if you won't regret it.

Take a look at what I mean. (click the thumbnails to make picure larger) know I couldn't post on such a subject without including some gratuitous "GUN PORN", right? RIGHT! So for your viewing pleasure below, here's the latest addition to the arsenal.

A Colt M1991A1, Commander length, 1911 style .45 auto. It's the first 1911 I've ever owned and lemme tell you, after handling the "drastic plastic" polymer framed pistols, this is luxurious. I was instantly hooked. It's accurate...more accurate than me. It's reliable and will eat anything I feed it. I honestly believe if you could cram scrap metal into a .45ACP casing, this thing will chew it up and spit it out. And she's quite attractive too, don't you think? I spent some (alot) of money turning it into a carry pistol. After machining down the frame to receive the new Ed Brown beaver tail grip safety, installing a new Wilson match grade aluminum trigger, Wilson extended thumb safety, and a couple of Chip McCormack 8 round magazines...It's ready for carry! I'll tweak her some more when my wallet ain't so light but....ain't she a beaut'?