Monday, May 28, 2007

A solemn day.

This Memorial Day, try to put aside your politics long enough to allow the gravity of what this day is about to envelop you for a moment. It is not about your day off from work. It is not about the sale at the mall. It isn't about the parade or the flags flying down town.

This day is about lives lost. It is about gold stars in windows. It is about young men who's names must now be suffixed with "KIA" and "MIA". It is about the liberties and freedoms that are expected in this country having been paid for by men and women who will never be able to enjoy them.

Don't let the purpose of this day be lost in the mundane. Don't let your freedoms be taken for granted...not on "THIS" day. Instead, on "THIS" day...remember. For "Remembrance" is what "THIS" day is about, remembrance of why you and I are able to greet each new day under a flag of freedom and the heavy cost that has been paid for that privilege.

Much has been laid on the altar of freedom. We should never sachet past it without humbling ourselves to the brave men and women who bled and died so you and I wouldn't have to.