Saturday, May 12, 2007

You should be pissed off about this!

Dread Pundit Bluto and his Pirate Armada are spreading news that those in "THE NEWS" refuse! If you're one of the uneducated few, or cognitively dissonant many who still choose to believe that the news media in this country isn't overwhelmingly liberally biased (so biased, in fact, that they would exclude any newsworthy event which may serve to weaken their political agenda) then keister this with all the other stuff you're in denial about.

On May 9th, Republicans from both Houses of Congress, led by Senator Lindsey Graham (R)-SC, accepted a petition signed by over 2800 uniformed members of the United States Armed Forces (fully 60% of them currently serving in or having previously served in Iraq). Bob Wallace, Executive Director of "The Veterans of Foreign Wars" (VFW) delivered the petition entitled "An Appeal for Courage" on behalf of its organizers, Lt Jason Nichols USN, and SSgt David Thul of the Minnesota Army National Guard. It reads as follows:

"As an American currently serving my nation in uniform, I respectfully urge my political leaders in Congress to fully support our mission in Iraq and halt any calls for retreat. I also respectfully urge my political leaders to actively oppose media efforts which embolden my enemy while demoralizing American support at home. The War in Iraq is a necessary and just effort to bring freedom to the Middle East and protect America from further attack."

Shortly after, Lt Nichols and SSgt Thul released this statement:
"This Appeal is a direct communication to Congress from the currently serving military troops. We are respectfully asking for full support in finishing the mission you assigned us here in Iraq. Patience and resolve will result in a stable democratic country in the Middle East. Early withdrawal will result in a stronger enemy, a weaker America, and a demoralized US Armed forces. Building a new democracy takes time, and we are making steady progress. We need your support to finish the job."
Heard about this? No?? Why do you think that is? For the answer, see opening paragraph of this post! Seems Congress desperately needs a pair of these:

Hundreds more service men and women sign this petition every day. These are the folks who are there...the ones doing the fighting, the ones who really have something to lose besides a few bucks on a tank of gas. They believe in their mission. They see the progress they've made. They recognize the futility in retreat. They understand that giving up essentially negates all they've bled and died for. They know what must be done and they're speaking but the media won't allow you hear them. (But, not suprisingly, they'll champion a cause such as this.) You still think we're free? If one side can control the amount and nature of the information you are allowed to ingest, are you truly free? We are on the fast track to socialism and state owned everything, my friend and the media and academia are leading the way just as fast as their little commie asses can run.