Friday, August 03, 2007

Shock and Awe! (It worked for the Air Force.)

Sorry, but I made it as small as I could. If you dare, you should click it for the larger picture and let your "scientific mind" study it for a while. Ask yourself if this 10 week old fetus, which already has fingernails, is....sorry, was a HUMAN BEING. Ask yourself if it felt pain. Ask yourself if it suffered. Ask yourself if we executed prisoners convicted of murder in a similar manner, (by dismemberment), "Would it be considered 'humane'?" Why then, would anyone consider such a heinous act as a matter of mere convenience?

I have not made it a practice to regularly include disturbing images such as this on my site. Nor does it stand the chance of becoming commonplace, so don't be afraid to visit again. But I noticed, in my daily reads, that such images must be searched for and even then they hide behind disclaimers. Why? Because it might offend someone? Who? Who should be offended by this photo? YOU SHOULD! And that's the point. I AM OFFENDED BY THIS PHOTO, but I choose not to bury my head in the sand and pretend that it all amounts to some sterile form of euthanasia which causes no pain or suffering nor carries with it eternal consequences.

Look at it. If you believe that this is just some chance evolution of nature born of primordial slime, then I guess you should just continue on because the value of human life to which I appeal in you just isn't there, not to the level that one appreciates when confronted with the realization that this is the design of a Divine Creator. But if you believe, not only in the value but also in the SANCTITY of human life, then you should be moved to never, ever support politicians or legislation which protects the process by which this photo was achieved.

Don't just feel.....REASON. Reason with yourself and your convictions. Is this right, or wrong? Almost everything on the planet can be sorted into those two categories. If you arrive at the conclusion that it is neither, but rather a "necessary evil" then you have indeed missed the point and your blessed theory of evolution should bother you greatly because this would indicate that it is a backwards process and we are naturally contributing to the destruction of our species. I don't believe in such a process. I believe in right and wrong. I believe that there exists in this world both good and evil. And I believe that THIS....this abomination to God and man alike is indeed EVIL.

What do you believe? Don't be fooled. This is not some overly complicated situation which, because of endless variables, cannot be easily sorted into the simplicity of mere right and wrong. Conversely, this IS the simplest example of right and wrong. It IS the most elementary illustration of good vs. evil. There will come a day when you too will be sorted and though your stance on this particular issue won't be the factor which decides whether you're placed with the sheep or the goats, the fact remains that your stance on this issue is a clear indication of which flock you dwell among today.