Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time for a "Wadical Award"

J. David McSwane, editor in chief of The Colorado State University's student newspaper, The Rocky Mountain Collegian is the first official recipient of the Wight Wing Wadical's "Somebody ought to whoop yer ass!" award. His recent editorial about the tasing of a University of Florida student was titled in large block letters, "Taser this. F**K BUSH."

Nice job McSwane. That must've took a significant dose of moonbat brainpower to come up with that catchy little headline. How you arrive at the conclusion that the tasing of a student for refusing to cooperate with police is somehow the fault of our President forges new frontiers in jackassery for the liberal elitists of America's academia. How can you expect to be taken seriously with such a preposterous message much less by delivering it with the unimaginative vocabulary of a high school drop out? One would expect to read such parochial commentary as yours on a bathroom stall but never on the pages of a newspaper representing the entire student body of a major state university. Your advertisers seem to agree. $50, 000 in reduced advertising revenue has got to sting a little, no?

As is typical of your kind, you conveniently hide behind the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, an amendment that you would enforce only when it suits your cause. No surprise, your voice is absent when elementary school students must sing "modified" carols in what must be called their "winter play" because the word "Christmas" is forbidden. You and your fence hopping, morally bankrupt, liberal pals beat a different drum when a judge chooses to display the 10 Commandments on the wall of a courtroom.

I believe your fellow student, Nick Hemenway, proved that he has a much better grasp on the concept that with liberty, comes responsibility when he said, "Although the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, nowhere does it claim to provide freedom of consequence." Your parents must be so proud that those college level English Composition and Journalism courses have taught you to publicly express yourself in such colorful ways. But then again, one might convincingly argue that your lack of class and warped social graces would reflect poorly on them to begin with and that you are just an extension of the upbringing you received. Either way, you're an ignorant putz, McSwane, and somebody ought to Whoop Yer Ass!