Monday, October 01, 2007

Newt won't run

Alright, this post is just a "Brain Dump" so I can sleep! Don't look for any "pearls" of cleverly contrived composition, just random ramblings in no particular order. This is what happens in my mind 24-7. I'm trying to turn it off. I'm sick at home with viral meningitis and I feel like a turd on a stick. Lower your standards for me.

The former Speaker of the House has decided not to run for President. That kinda sucks. I like Newt Gingrich. He's a straight shooter and, in my humble opinion, he's "electable". Not saying that's where I'd cast my vote were he to jump in the race, it's just that I'd like to see more competition for R.I.N.O's, Rudy and McCain. So far, they've got three real contestants competing against them. I guess, for true, conservative base Republicans, it's Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee or Fred Thompson, though Tancredo isn't all that bad. I'd be happy with any of those taking a seat in the Oval Office so long as the R.I.N.O's arent' elected. Fred is my fav but I believe his late intro has hurt his chances. He better start waving wands and pulling rabbits out of his hat. Not debating at Morgan State was a stupid move. Thompson's plain talking persona might have done better than expected there.

Losing the Presidency, the House, and the Senate is a recipe for socialism. God help us all if "Shrillary" takes the helm. My stomach gets queasy just thinking about it. The GOP needs to start making some more noise...a lot more noise. The MSM, of course is doing their part by giving triple the face time to Hilary than to any Republican Candidate. Fox is the only outlet for Republicans to mount their soapbox. Good thing they're killing the other networks in ratings.

If he's not going to run, I'd like to see Newt get behind a candidate with a strong endorsement. I wish Thompson, Huckabee, or Romney would pull out in front in the polls. Giuliani needs competition and is a strong contender with the moderates/pansy fencepost riders. I really don't like that guy. How he's got an "R" after his name, I'll never understand.

God, please don't let the Dems, or R.I.N.O's take the White House....please!