Friday, February 15, 2008

How to keep your kids safe from gun accidents

In light of recent events, I thought I'd take a some time to dispel a nasty little myth about firearms often peddled by anti-gun scaremongers. The loony "Brady Bunch" would have you believe that guns kill kids. Bullshit! Careless, untrained kids kill kids. You want your kids to be safe behind the wheel of a car, you teach them to drive safely. You want them to remain safe from gun accidents? The solution is no different. You teach them. You shoot with them. You remove the Hollywood instilled novelty of guns by giving them plenty of supervised time putting lead down range. Make them fully aware of what happens on the business end of a handgun, rifle or shotgun.

Both my 12 year old daughter and my 14 year old autistic son know how to safely handle a firearm. Both of them have a great deal of respect for firearms and understand the immense responsibility that comes with handling one. They understand this because they've grown up around guns. They've been taught and they will continue to be taught. For instance, our next range lesson will focus on safely clearing various feed and ejection malfunctions and misfires. I'm proud of their progress. They have both become quite proficient shooters. Neither of them have any desire to play with a gun because they see it as a tool not a toy. That's my daughter showing perfect form in the photo above. Warms the cockles of my heart! She's got a mean right hook too! Keep yer hands to yourself boy!