Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do They Really Want Racial Bigotry To End?

It certainly seems as though they do not. Who are "they", you ask? Black Civil Rights Activists (at least the ones who are courted by the mainstream media) and a few black Politicians. Now I know there are those who will interpret "they" as a "you people" type remark. Screw them. This is self-evident. "Race Pimps" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make their living by seeking out things to throw down the "race card" on, often vague and questionable things like Sharpton did to Golf Network anchor, Kelly Tilghman's use of the word "lynching". They CREATE racial tensions, paint them white and then strive with all their might to shine every media spotlight on them that they can for as long as they can. You see without them, they'd disappear. They wouldn't be important anymore. They'd be out of a job and out of the news. People like Jesse and Al are the biggest racist bigots of them all. They fuel the fire. They feed off of the controversy they create, victimizing the downtrodden, all the while claiming to fight for them.

As far as politicians are concerned, I don't mean to suggest that all black politicians are bigots. Not so. But the ones who run their campaigns on race and seem to make every issue about race, most certainly are. Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick is a prime example. You may recall last summer when he and several other "civil rights activists" conducted a mock funeral for the "N" word complete with coffin and grave, comical if nothing else. Well it seems Mr. Kilpatrick is just one of the latest politicians to be investigated for improper conduct. I'm sorry, if you're an elected official, black or white, you are held to a higher standard of conduct than the average Joe. If you're caught with your pants down, you deserve to be dethroned. What he did, isn't important. How he's deflecting attention is. Resurrecting the "N" word he buried amounts to nothing more than "race-baiting". He said that since this scandal broke, he's been called that "N" word more than any other time in his life. Only Kilpatrick didn't feel the need to "abbreviate". He said he's received more death threats than at any other time in his administration. It's the classic "smoke and mirrors" act. It's sad really.

I hear the "N" word all the time, but not from white people. I'm white and I live in the south, the cradle of racial bigotry according to the rest of the country and I NEVER HEAR THIS WORD FROM WHITE PEOPLE, not even in exclusively "white" company. White people are scared of the word. No, I hear it all the time from black people. (None of the black people I call friends, mind you) Many of them call each other that and use it almost as a term of endearment. It is quite confusing, but either way, it is "their word" now. They have staked claim to it. They use it as loosely as they use their own name and they wear it like a badge of honor and to be honest with you, I couldn't give a damn one way or the other. I saw it on a hat the other day in the mall! Obviously the man wearing it wasn't offended by the word, it was embroidered on his apparel!

Fact is, if you want the word to "die", leave it the hell alone. If you want to attain public office or make your living by enraging people then by all means, use it as often as you like. I don't use it, so I refuse to accept responsibility for its offensiveness. I don't know any white people who use it, so I think its perfectly acceptable for me to be offended by the suggestion that they do it all the time. I don't think Jesse and Al believe it, but I think Jesse and Al want black people to believe that white people sit around all day and tell black jokes, send racial death threats to black people in power and conjure new and inventive ways to oppress them, as if we have nothing more constructive to do with our time. Who is weak minded enough to believe that? None of the black people I know pay them any attention or claim to be spoken for by them. They just go to work and pay their taxes like everyone else. So who lends these idiots credence? Not black people, at least not the ones I encounter on a daily basis. So who? Yep, it's white people. White people are the primary audience. White people listen to them and then run for the hills in fear of being offensive for being white.

I don't know any racists. But Jesse and Al and Louis Farrakhan and politicians like Kwame Kilpatrick and Ray Nagin epitomize the image of racial bigotry in America. They serve it up and white people swallow it down like hemlock. Racism happens. I realize that. There are white mental midgets in this country who have been bred (or inbred) to believe that they are supreme. But I honestly believe that the majority of Americans, both black and white are not, and that the world would be a better, more productive place without sawing down the equality tree which has taken so long to cultivate merely to give these chumps a stump to preach from.