Friday, June 13, 2008

Where have I been?...The abbreviated answer because I'm "Effin" Exhausted.

Divorce. 18 yrs. Screeching halt. Single parent (again) with full custody of a 12 year old "tween" daughter and a 14 year old autistic son. Momma just up and friggin left to pursue her "new life"! Daughter cries daily. Wants no contact with her mother at all. Feels abandoned and betrayed. (rightfully so) My autistic son just wants things back to normal and would forgive her for anything to get it that way. Bless his is made of gold!

But pile on the pressure and stress of a day at work, my work, calming a hysterical mother so I can give her CPR instructions on her 4 month old baby; the fire department rolling up just in time to watch a man burn to death in his vehicle before they could extinguish it...and so on and so on. Daily stuff here. Someone tell me please. Where the hell do you store all that shit? What do you do with it?

Beer and Ambien doesn't wash it away anymore. How much can a man take?

Thanks for tuning in. I'll check back when I'm finished licking a few deep wounds.

Pray for my kids. Pray for me.

Thanks, friends.
- Jason