Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sobbing Happy People Holding Hands

"Emotion"... Easy little word. Sounds harmless, doesn't it? It's just feelings right? Not so fast! Emotion is a very powerful thing. It can be much more than just "feelings". For some, it is their navigator. These people make no decision without being influenced by the weight of this mysterious baggage we must all tote around. They adjust their path to accommodate their emotion. All else must yield while the emotion at hand is felt and dealt with. It is quite a burden for friends and loved ones who are constantly dealing with this roller coaster of "feelings" manifesting itself in the stressed relationships of the person to whom "emotion" is all important and for these people, "emotion" is a handicap.

The spectral opposite of the emotionally navigated person is, well ... ME. I experience emotion, just like everyone else but I would not characterize myself as an emotional person. Feelings are a part of life. I believe it is what sets humans apart from all others. It is what makes us unique in the vastness of creation. Feelings are important. But I regard them as just that... "feelings". Dynamic symptoms of the perception of a situation that may neither be correct nor objective and that, no doubt, will change as will the symptoms themselves. We view the world from our own perspective. And the view from that perspective might very well be entirely different than reality. And so I and people like me, learn to disconnect ourselves from ever present "emotion" and at least attempt to be objective.

Emotional people are needy people. They constantly need to be coddled and reassured that they are loved and accepted. Likewise they feel the need to constantly coddle and reassure those around them. This can become quite tiresome for the non-emotional. They cling to one another like plaque. They seek each other out and form bonds and relationships that are just as dynamic and unstable as the emotions they are founded upon. They feel a need to "tame" the non-emotional, to convince them of their folly and convert them. To them, the non-emotional are on a lower plane of existence and are not as "enlightened".

But it is in a state of emergency that the emotional NEED the non-emotional. It is when they are powerless that they need someone with a level head who can punch through the emotional fog and lead them out. They will shout praises to your name and call you things like "hero" and "strong". These are the same people who later will call you cold and heartless. Contrary to the claims of the emotional, "non-emotional" does not mean "emotionless," but it is a perception none the less.

They love you when they need you because you are strong and level headed. They love to pile things on your broad shoulders and see you as a protector. But they hate you when they don't need you because you are dry and callous. They want you to change. In fact, they want you to be both! They want you to be emotional, in order to coddle them yet be able to turn it off and be non-emotional when toughness is required. "THEY" can kiss my ass! I will always view them as sheep and they will always view me as savage.

We are both wrong. And we are both right. So be it.