Monday, January 30, 2006

Beginning of the End?


The logo above is testament to Palestine's ultimate goal. That image in the middle of the logo looks very much like Israel. That's because it is. Make no mistake, a Palestine alongside Israel is not acceptable to Hamas, Fatah, or any other political party who might find themselves at the helm of this fledgling nation. Palestine INSTEAD of Israel is their primary goal.

The day I read that Israel was pulling out of Gaza I just shook my head in disbelief. Although the pullout was part of a US led "roadmap" to peace and an independent Palestinian State and more pullouts are to follow, it seems counterproductive so far. Centuries of warfare and oppression should have taught the Israelis that you don't compromise, negotiate or otherwise try to appease your mortal enemy. You must destroy them (or at least deport them for goodness sakes). Perhaps their conquests in 1967 should have been a little more thorough and pushed the Palestinians out all together. Israel is surrounded by enemies. They will spend the rest of their existance at a high state of alert ready for or actively involved in armed conflict.

There is no bloodless way out of this current situation. Israel's pullout from Gaza, although at the advise of the US, may eventually undo everything America has fought for since 9-11 and may well serve as the catalyst for a major war in the middle east affecting the entire globe. I hope I am wrong.