Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Edward Cashman...Derelict, Incompetent, Clown

Prison should suck. It should suck worse than anything. Child molesters and other major offenders should enter its gates with the sinking feeling that they will be there for a VERY long time. Sentences like this one are inexcuseable. Vermont District Court Judge Edward Cashman is a clown. 60 days and counseling for a conviction which carried with it a maximum sentence of life in prison. 60 DAYS!.....COUNSELING! If Cashman is re-elected, we should build a wall around Vermont.

The title of Judge has become too God like. A Judge's courtroom is like his own personal kingdom over which he rules with no fear of reciprocal action for his failure to adequately dole out justice. There should definitely be term limits for judges from the highest to the lowest courts. There should also be some sort of oversight and penalties for judges who prove to be derelict in their duties to uphold the law and ensure justice is served. Lest citizens feel the need serve it themselves.