Tuesday, January 31, 2006

That's "Justice" Alito to you, Senator.

Samuel Alito was confirmed to the Supreme Court today 58-42. Much to the dismay of Senators like Schumer and Kennedy. He steadfastly resisted their repetetive attempts to get him hint how he would rule on key issues. As any good candidate would, he remained neutral.

Some of the very same Senators who strongly urged Justice Ginsburg in 1993 to refrain from answering any questions that would hint how she may rule, dragged both Roberts and Alito over the coals over and over again in attempts to get them to do what no good judge would and that is depart from impartiality. They know that a truly impartial Justice would never reveal how they might rule without hearing all of the evidence presented in light of existing law at the time. But then again, an impartial Justice is not what they wanted.

Schumer had the following to say about Alito's confirmation.

"I must say that I wish the president was in a position to do more than claim a partisan victory tonight."
"The union would be better and stronger and more unified if we were confirming a different nominee, a nominee who could have united us more than divided us,"
Exactly how is a Supreme Court Justice supposed to be a uniter? Is that really part of his job description...unite everyone, hold hands and sing "We Are The World". Or is he supposed to be a staunch defender of the constitution who is swayed neither by his own nor other's personal opinions?