Sunday, February 19, 2006

At least the terrorists are honest.

Members of the militant Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) rushed the gate of the United States Embassy in Jakarta Indonesia throwing stones, according to a Reuters report on Sunday. The Embassy building suffered minor damage in the demonstration. About 50 local police officers were unable to keep the 200 plus protesters away from the gate. (There's a suprise!) But stones are not enough according to Maksuni, an FPI deputy leader:

"This is not the last warning. This is only the beginning. There will be bigger actions against them." "Suicide bombings! Prepare for a bomb," said one protester.
Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation in the world with over 242 million people of which approximately 88% are Muslim. Although purportedly only a small group, I find it hard to believe that FPI is not representative of a larger portion of the population than State Department Officials would have us believe. Ambassador B. Lynn Pascoe said:
"This was a pre-meditated event that was staged for television by a small group which seeks to disrupt the relationship between the United States and Indonesia by inflaming popular opinion."
Perhaps they are not seeking to inflame but rather are representative of that popular opinion. If not, where is the outrage against such behavior? Where is the public condemnation of such violence from the "moderate Muslims" who are supposedly the majority? Why do they remain silent? My belief is that there are no "moderate Muslims". There are only those who are honest and those who are not. Ironically it is the militants who are honest about Islam. That is why there is no public condemnation of these acts. To do so would be in direct conflict with the teachings of this violent and intolerant religion.