Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Got any good friends?

How many friends do you have? I mean TRUE friends. Someone you trust. Someone who trusts you in return. Do you reserve that title for a select few. It's a rank as far as I'm concerned, a very high rank. People deserving of this rank are a rare find.

I have two. That's right, two TRUE friends. Someone who I would trust not only with my life but those of my family as well. I could call either one of these people at 2 am and say "Hey man, I need to borrow your car and $100 right now. I can't explain why but I need it. Will you help me?" Both of them would, if they in any way could accomodate me, and I them. I'd probably give them the money without a loan.

Do you have friends like that? If so, you are truly blessed. I'd rather have one TRUE friend that I could trust than 100 I could not. It's not hard to maintain a friendship like that. They're pretty much maintanence free. Nobody's keeping favor scores or wondering if this friend will come through when they need them. It goes without saying.

Do you want a friend like that? It's easy, just BE a friend like that. The rest will come I assure you. But then you start to ask yourself who is really worthy of that type of commitment and treatment from me. Again we're back to the very small numbers. Yep, I'd sure like more but two is OK with me.