Thursday, February 02, 2006

I don't juggle but I tell really good jokes. Heard the one about Hamas?

Jimmy Carter should get a juggling act to go with his ridiculous ideas that "there's a good chance" that Hamas could turn away from violence. Good chance? Hamas better give strong guarantees they will or they shouldn't get a dime, not only from the United States but from the corrupt UN as well.

It's a simple want to be recognized, alter your stance, recognize Israel's right to exist and renounce violence. Hamas' refusal to make such statements is proof that they do not want peace with Israel but the destruction of Israel. How can Carter say there's a good chance? How can the United States support a country who has vowed to destroy one of our greatest allies?

Aside from being one of the worst presidents in US history, he's an embarassment to our country now. His proposals are laughable and should not be taken seriously. What if Afghanistan allowed Al Qaeda to be a ligitimate party of their government? Would the US stand by and let them elect our greatest enemy into office?...No. So how is Hamas any different? They have the same agenda. Give Hamas a chance....yeah, right. Hamas is our enemy. Hamas should completely and openly change their stance, renounce violence, recognize Israel and disarm or they should be sanctioned....hard. If the corrupt UN decides to funnel money in the back door, Hamas should be attacked, militarily and the US should promptly leave the UN. (that's another blog for another time)