Saturday, February 11, 2006

Syria coud use a few well aimed Tomahawks.

Authorities in Syria have de-escalated there protection duties of the Danish Ambassador and his staff prompting envoys to be pulled from that nation after the embassy compound was attacked and the building burned last week. Envoys have also been pulled from Iran and Indonesia in the wake of recent credible threats according to Danish officials.

An embassy is SOVERIEGN NATIONAL TERRITORY and an assault on that territory should be considered an act of war. The pulling back of protection offered by the host nation is tantamount to endorsement of that assault. Syria should face strong and immediate sanctions if not military action. But Europe will cower in the face of the enemy AGAIN. Suffice it to say if that were an American Embassy, many people would have died. The United States Marine Corps takes very seriously their duty to protect the soveriegn territory of the embassies and envoys of our country.

I'm proud to be an American.