Sunday, March 26, 2006

1/2 Million march for Illegal rights....what?

An estimated 500, 000 people marched in Los Angeles today protesting legislation that would make it a felony to be in the United States illegaly. It seems our plans of defending our national borders are inconvenient to the illegal operations of smuggling humans into our country.

We must be evil! We're picking on these poor defenseless illegal immigrants and should leave our borders unsecured and unprotected. Hell, we should build big kiosks, call them "information booths", staff them with some charitable spanish speaking clergymen and put them out in the desert with water, food and maps to aid them in their illegal endeavor to cross into the United States and bypass our immigration laws. They should go unchecked for disease, drugs, criminal histories, weapons or little friends named Ahmed or Muhammad. We should encourage them to come and suck up the dream that is America while getting paid less than minimum wage under the table. Hell they can balance the substandard pay by the fact that they pay no taxes. Of course they're not a drain on the healthcare system....they're all perfectly healthy!

"Of course that's my real name. No I don't have any ID. .....What? $700.00 ambulance bill!...Oh, just send the bill to this hotel room where I stay with 12 other people, and ummmmmm, I'll pay it later, yeah.............I, I mean.........NO HABLO ENGLIS!"

This is absurd. Our country is at war with sneaky little bastards that don't wear uniforms and these hombres want us to leave our back door open and the porch light on! I would be the first to agree that the immigration process could and should be streamlined for those sincere hard working souls who want a slice of the pie. But backing down on this issue is not the answer.