Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In the Afghan Parliament, Jackassery abounds.

The fact that the entire governing body of Afghanistan has the willingness, or even the time, to debate an issue as petty to you and I as one individual's religious practice, shows that this fledgling parliament's priorities are severely out of order. Getting an issue on the floor of the United States Congress is difficult and requires timing and scheduling and lobbying and often rescheduling. It's a busy place. I should expect that a country with problems as large and complex as Afghanistan's would be even more busy, yet these folks, all clad in their respective Islamic attire, seem to have no pressing issues at the moment that outweigh this one man and his bible.

They are Islamic First. I would imagine being statesmen would run a very distant second if at all. Many of them are opium producing warlords and probably don't have any genuine "state" interests at all... Just their own. What a romper room of a government we have helped install! The people of Afghanistan aren't any more free than they were under the Taliban, and judging from the calls for the death of this man from the citizenry, I don't think they want to be. Perhaps there is a certain security in always having someone to tell you what to do, how to do it, what to wear when you do it, how many times to pray about it, and what's going to happen to you if you don't. Parliamentarians discussed "forcing" this man to convert back to Islam or die, and forcing him to stay in the "free" country.

The United States should get out of the Islamic nation rebuilding business. "If" we rebuild a nation, it should be one where religion is removed from government, no exceptions. From my little bubble world, it seems it would be a lot cheaper to kick their butts, and let them rebuild their own damned nation. If they install a government that is a threat to our national security or that by action or omission causes direct or indirect harm to the United States or her allies....We go in and kick their butts again, then again if necessary. If we did this ten times, we'd lose less lives and less money and the butt whipee's would be no less productive citizens of the world than they are right now.

At leat this fella' was swept out of the country before this "government" could make a "religious" decision...Buncha' jack asses.