Thursday, March 16, 2006

Seal clubbin season....Yeah baby!

Hunting has existed since the dawn of man. Like it or not and despite what animal rights activists like Paul McCartney have to say about it, humans are omnivorous. Along with other things, we eat meat. Our bodies are designed to be sustained on a variable diet to include protein. The best and most efficient source of that protein is meat. So I have no problem with this.

Although I believe hunted animals should be taken in the most humane way possible, the suffering of the animal can never be completely eliminated. We don't give them lethal injections. Anyone who has ever watched a killer whale "play" with its prey by throwing it into the air knows that the suffering of the seal is much more prolonged than someone who smacks it in the head with a bat. I would prefer something more definitive and efficient like a bullet but I shall not judge the customs of a people who have been hunting these animals like this for centuries or more.

Humans have always and will continue to take their prey in a more efficient and humane way than the rest of the natural world. If 10 hyenas take down a wildebeest and begin eating it before it is dead, no one rushes to the aide of the wildebeest. That's because it's part of the natural process. To allow one animal to live is tantamount to condemning another to die. Yet that animal suffers beyond all comprehension. The word "humane" is derived from the word human because it is strictly a human desire to lessen or eliminate the pain and suffering of another living being and apparently, according to the article, clubbing is rarely used as a method of killing these "pwecious wittle cuddly wuddly seals."

Seals sustain these people both practically and economically. Paul and his gang want us to condemn it, why?....Because they are cute. Why isn't he rallying a cause for the protection of the wild boar? They are hunted more frequently than seals. It's because no one gives a crap about an ugly animal, yet they're no different. I'd respect him more (not much more) if he tried to garner support on grounds other than "Awwwww....look how cuuuuute!" Maybe some McCartney clubbing will convince him to stay the hell out of the way.