Wednesday, March 01, 2006

You can't protect your rights if you don't know your rights.

OK, I'm well enough to be surfing these stories on the net so I guess I'm well enough to bitch about them. I still feel like crap but maybe it'll make me better at bitchin'. We'll see.

It seems that William Lee, a Spanish teacher in Richmond, Virginia, was forced to remove certain "offensive" material from his classroom bulletin board. This "offensive" material was not about homosexual adoption, that would be permissible. It was not about teaching underage teenagers how to "safely" have sex (which for someone under the age of consent is against the law) because that is also permissible and quite common. No, this "offensive" material was a news article about George Bush's faith, and a picture of George Washington Praying at Valley Forge. Oh the Horror!

Come on!...Seriously? That picture of GW praying is old and famous...damn near an American Icon. The newspaper article about George Bush's faith that is unacceptable to read on a bulletin board is available to any student in the school library. How utterly absurd! All of this because ONE PARENT complained.....ONE! I bet this same parent could read the graffiti in the bathroom and not be offended at all.

What's even more strange is what they chose to leave on this bulletin board, a picture of Boy Scouts Praying in memory of 9-11. I agree, not offensive. But how is that any different? Press, and Religion...two things that are absolutely protected under the First Amendment, something suprisingly few Americans know anything about as discussed in this article. No wonder so many Americans allow their rights to be trampled....they don't even know what they are!