Monday, April 10, 2006

Home on the range.

Does this qualify as gun porn?

Nothing like living within earshot of a military firing range. The AC-130's are out punching holes in the ground again tonight (God bless'em). Nights like tonight, I like to sit outside and just be quiet. The 40mm's cause a concussion in your chest. You can't hear them you can just feel them but when that 105mm howitzer hits, pictures fall off my wall and I'm at least 25 miles away from the range. If that sum bitch knocks pictures off my wall at 25 miles, imagine the horror it rains down on our enemy. It's one supa bad piece of machinery that's a fact.

One may think that it makes me angry that they tear that range up until 2am. One would be wrong. It's the sound of freedom, ladies and gentlemen and I'm glad to be constantly reminded of our military might. It makes me smile.

I'm sickened by these jerks who say they support our troops yet curse their mission. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Either you support them or you don't. It would be like telling a Marine or Soldier, Airman or Sailor, "I support you but everything you're fighting for is wrong. Everything you're bleeding for is wrong. Everything your comrads died for was in vain. Yeah, I support you, but not your mission." Sounds kind of crappy when you strip it right down to the naked truth now doesn't it?

For those of you who truly support all they do, this bud's for you (swiggin' a cold one while blogging). For those who don't, imagine the sound of 110 stories pancaking down...Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! Imagine the sound of 200 tons of airplane smashing into the office of a loved one. Imagine the shotgun-like sound of bodies slamming into the concrete one after the other after the other. Imagine the muttled sound of "Alahu Akbar!" coming through the cockpit door just before you die. Imagine the nerve stripping screams of people burning to death for no better reason than they showed up to work today.

Sleep well with those sounds. I shall stay awake and listen to the terrible sweet sounds of a giant awakened.