Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Peace is a pipe dream.

More violence between Shiites and Sunnies, this time in Pakistan. When they're not busy killing us, they're killing each other.

Muslim factions agree on the following:

1. They hate Israel.
2. They hate western civilization, primarily the United States.
3. Muhammad is the prophet of God.

That's pretty much it. My point is this- Why don't we just let them kill each other? Perhaps factional and sectarian violence isn't so bad for us, provided we stay out of the line of fire. That's one more bomb that didn't kill US soldiers. Let them thin out their own herd a little. They can't even agree on a unified government because of their different religious beliefs.

A stable middle east is a pipe dream, a near impossibility because of the large, almost all consuming roll that religion plays in their lives. Violence is their answer to any problem. It's all they've ever known. For the nearly 1400 years of Islamic existance, they've never been at peace. I say we devote all our resources to securing the oil fields. Let them have their damned civil war, the bloodier the better.