Friday, April 14, 2006

What shall we do, prevail or perish?

There is no option now, none that I can see. Do we stand idly by while a madman makes such threats as these? Iran has raced down the nuclear highway, outrunning the slothful UN and their toothless resolutions. Now President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says emphatically that Israel will soon be annihilated, according to a recent Times article in the UK. I fear that this may in fact lead to nuclear conflict. If that be the case then we should most certainly strike first, strike hard, and strike repeatedly.

Deterrence is what kept the cold war from evolving into armed conflict. We have no deterrent advantage with Iran unless we completely and utterly destroy their will and ability to seek these weapons. We have the Military advantage NOW but our failure to act would tip the scales dramatically, not necessarily in Iran's favor but most definitly out of ours which equals more casualties for us. Prudence would dictate an immediate military action. Every shred of evidence points to the fact that conflict is inevitable. That conflict should be by our preemptive action not our delayed reaction. Delay = Defeat.