Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's a dog's life.

I learned a lesson yesterday while walking my dog. Strange thing is I learned it from my dog. Magnus hasn’t been out of our big back yard in quite a while so it was a real treat for him. I wondered if he’d misbehave on his leash, it’d been so long since he had been on one. But he assumed his place right on my left knee and off we went…no pulling or tugging. He behaved beautifully. I was quite surprised.

As we walked I noticed how content he was. He didn’t care where we were going, only that I was with him. Occasionally he’d look up at me and “smile” as only a German Shepherd can do. It was just me and him, buddy, and nothing else mattered. And so we walked, no…strolled would be a better word. I got to thinking about my relationship with God and how often I would misbehave and tug and pull at the master’s hand thinking I knew better. I knew where we ought to go and I was going to lead the way.

Pretty soon I began to envy the trust my dog had in me. I thought of how patient God is with me when I pull and tug and lead the way, almost always down the wrong path. Was it a pleasure for God to walk with me? Did he look forward to spending time with me? Was I as eager to please my master as my dog was to me? Was I as content to be led by him, not knowing where we were going? I felt convicted by this. It is often that I charge ahead so lightly armed with my primitive knowledge of the world. Thinking I know what’s best, I soon become lost and my master has to come find me and lead me home.

As I put Magnus back in the yard, I knelt down and loved on him and let him give me one of those stinky wet doggy smooches right in the mouth (yes, I know where it’s been). I peeked out the window at him several times that day and noticed that he was much calmer than other days. He didn’t bark as much. He was quite content to lay by the door to his master’s house and snooze. He’s a good dog.

I think I need to take a walk, no….stroll with God more often. My soul needs mending. Is my relationship with God really that much different than Magnus’ relationship with me? God loves me, protects me, feeds and provides for me. Now if I could just learn to let him lead me.

Are you content?