Wednesday, April 19, 2006

You can't park here.

My doctor's office is in a big medical complex that is basically a hospital without the ER. For today's appointment, I parked on the "back 40" as I always do and noticed a man getting out of the vehicle next to mine. He struggled and fumbled with his crutches until finally he was in position to crutch himself the 150, or so, yards to the building's east entrance. When he finally reached the sidewalk alongside the building he crutched himself past the Range Rover's, Lexus', Mercedes', Jaguars', Corvettes and giant Hummer SUV's that were parked in the exclusive area reserved for......that's right......Physician's Only! No sir, Mr. Cripple, you can't park here. Get yer ass over yonder on the back lot! These are for the elite physicians who's poopy doesn't stink!

I don't mind Physicians having "reserved" parking. But why does it always have to be the closest most desirable parking spaces on the entire 50 acre facility? Is the parking priviledge really that damned important? These primadonna's can't walk a few steps to work so their sick and injured patients, to whom they've sworn on their Hippocratic Oath to serve, can get a few painful steps closer to the damned building?

A friend who is a nurse in one of our local hospitals told me how they regularly organize luncheons for the physicians with lobster and steak just to lure them onto the floor to sign charts. That's right....a chart signing luncheon! Jeesum pete...$300,000.00 a freakin year ain't enough to motivate the suns a bitches? They gotta kiss the pompous rumps of these jackasses with a catered lobster luncheon just to get them to do their jobs?? Service.....what the hell ever happened to service?