Thursday, June 01, 2006

The big dog needs to take a bite outta the little dog!

I don't think the idiocy of the politically correct can be quantified. 15-20 years ago, this kind of thing would have been unthinkable. But more and more the minority "squeaky wheels" are getting the grease while the majority is getting the shaft. It's true of the judicial system, education, immigration, religion, labor laws, foreign policy, law enforcement, the environment....just about every area of life one can think of. If the majority didn't have the backbone of a slug, they'd be making some serious noise over crap like this.


The freedom of religion at Liberty Elementary School has gone too far for some parents at the Colleyville school. The cover of the Keller ISD school's annual depicts the 2005 Liberty Nickel – complete with the face of Thomas Jefferson – but the words "In God We Trust" are missing. Instead, the $16 yearbook contains a sticker with the credo and directions on how to apply it to the cover if the owner chooses.

Debbi Ackerman was one of the parents who questioned the missing phrase when her daughter brought the annual home from school. "She said the teachers told them there was some people who didn't believe in God, and that when they got home – don't do it at school – but affix it when they got home," Mrs. Ackerman said. "We are just shocked and saddened that it's come to this and it hit right in our back yard."

The Keller school district's policy is to remain neutral on religion. A spokesman for the PTA, which produced the book, says it simply adhered to that rule. "I have heard both sides of the argument, so we decided to not step on anybody's toes and take it off," PTA spokesman Tom Gardner said. A spokesman for the district agreed. "In this case, I think it was the principal making every effort to make sure that all faiths were respected," Jason Meyer said.

I don't know what to say except that the absurdity of this is unbelievable. PTA meetings are sad examples of "Robert's Rules of Order" but they usually make some type of effort. Why didn't they take a vote to find out who the majority was? Why didn't they issue a sticker to cover up the offending statement for the few militant wiccans or athiests who even give a crap enough to object? Why didn't they say "This is America. If you don't like it, screw you, move to China...We're printing it!" I'll tell you why. Because the bullhorn toting Birkinstock Brigade has taken over our public education system and the God fearin' majority of Americans who've been bullied for decades by these earth mommas and their agenda are so used to doing nothing that they continue to sit on their fat duffs while their kids are reprogrammed into little spineless politically correct non-offenders who will never take a stand for anything. We're doomed if we allow this to continue. The majority needs to put its foot down, flex its muscle, and fight spit and cuss to keep what is inalienably ours.....our freedom.

Hat tip to Alan for the link.