Monday, May 29, 2006

Too short for prison, but tall enough to stand above the law!

Term limits for judges. Judiciary review boards to hold them accountable.....I'm not sure what the answer is but crap like this is completely unacceptable. I thought Vermont District Court Judge Edward Cashman was derilict for sentencing a child rapist to 60 days in jail but damned if Nebraska Judge Kristine Cecava doesn't take incompetence to a new altitude. This servant to the public and protector of the people of the great state of Nebraska, ruled 50 year old, 5-foot-1, child rapist, Richard W Thompson "too short" to survive in prison... instead sentencing him to 10 years of probation! The courts will electronically monitor him for 4 months until he has properly "integrated change into" his life! Oh...and he has to get rid of his pornography.

What the hell is this woman doing on the bench? She just let a convicted child rapist go...Because he is short?! So what.....midgets get a pass? This is pathetic. It's appaling. If it weren't involving the tormentor of a child, it would be laughable. Who the hell does this woman think she is? What law does she claim to be upholding? What justice is being served? Why don't we have a justice system that can hold her criminally negligent for being derilict in her duties? I don't care if the little dude got caught stealing a candy bar! He ought to get the same punishment as anyone else.

I've said it before. I'll say it again: Judges are like mini-Gods. They are the most powerful individuals in the United States. The ethical standards they were held to as attorneys go right out the window when they become judges. They bend, break or rewrite the laws they don't personally agree with. Their powers are virtually unchecked. Lifetime appointments to federal circuits are absurd. Bench legislation is rampant. Our justice system is broken. If this asshole goes out and hurts another child, this crazy judge should be held fully accountable and go to prison with him. We've all seen images of the robe clad Lady Justice, confidently standing tall while holding her scales and wearing a blindfold. Perhaps, in light of recent failures.... every now and again she ought to peek.