Sunday, August 06, 2006

Islamic vs Western philosophy. What's the difference?

How can anyone relate the two? How can it be said that the Israeli offensives in Lebanon or Palestine are in anyway similar to the cause of such monstrous and evil organizations as Hezbollah and Hamas? As Hezbollah hides behind their human shields and lobs rockets blindly into civilian populations with the sole purpose of killing as many Israeli citizens as possible, how can anyone who's not blind or equally evil suggest that Israel is doing anything short of an act of self preservation?

It sickens me to the point of physical nausea to contemplate the mindset of anyone who would hide behind a civilian population to conduct cowardly attacks on another civilian population. It confuses me how that same population can openly allow these groups to operate in their midst allowing them to draw fire on postitions occupied by non-combatants while they retreat. It enrages me to contemplate the mindset of anyone who would not condemn such conduct and would, at the same time, readily condemn a nation trying to combat these very acts in the only possible way they can. I'm amazed but not suprised at how the world is slowly, turning its backs on Israel, calling for immediate cessation of hostilities between a sovereign nation and a group of terrorists who do not operate under the flag or direction of ANY nation. Israel has no guarantee or reasonable expectation that the opposition's hostilities would do anything but increase in frequency and intensity. Even if honored, a ceasefire would do nothing but give Hezbollah valuble time to regroup, rearm, reorganize and redistribute its terrorists.

A ceasefire is strategically unsound by any playbook. No nation, with the exception of France, would consider a ceasefire were the same circumstances to befall their own homeland. How arrogant and two faced for anyone to demand the same from Israel when, after every attempt by that nation to appease these psychotic fanatics hell bent on imposing their religion on the world, the giving hand has been slapped away and they've met with nothing but death and destruction. It confounds the common sense of any reasonable person that such a bloodthirsty, and violent people could command any sympathy from civilized nations.