Friday, February 23, 2007

He thought he heard a "beating in progress", and he was right....sort of.

A Wisconsin man is in some hot water after deciding to rush to the aide of a woman he heard screaming for help in a nearby apartment. Arming himself with a 39 inch Cavalry sword, James Van Iveren, of Oconomowoc WI, kicked down the door of his neighbor, Bret Stieghorst but found no woman in peril. What he did find was Mr. Stieghorst...ahem..."sans britches" and watching porn...loud porn! Apparently not satisfied at the sight of Mr. Stieghorst with his pants around his ankles in front his television, Van Iveren repeatedly thrust the sword at him, demanding to know "where she was", eventually forcing him to "prove" he was alone by opening closet doors. Ignoring the numerous felony charges they could have levied on the man, police eventually arrested Van Iveren on some watered down misdemeanor charges of trespassing, damaging property and disorderly conduct. He faces 33 months in jail if convicted. He's lucky he didn't die of lead poisoning. If he hadn't have been in the gun hating state of Wisconsin, he probably would have.