Monday, April 23, 2007

"THE NUGE' " for President!

Former rocker and current Gun Rights Advocate, member of the board of directors for the NRA, and Deputy Sheriff, Ted Nugent never fails to get it right when confronting the mindless Cognitive Dissonance that permeates the socialist left. In a recent letter to CNN entitled "Gun-free zones are recipe for disaster", The Nuge'" pulled no punches and echoed what gun rights activists everywhere have been saying for years.

Of course, CNN, to be "fair", had to link to an opposing view by UCLA Professor and former LA Times Editor, Tom Plate entitled "Let's lay down our right to bear arms". Great idea, eh? Not suprisingly, this particular "brain surgeon" represents not only the media, but also the academia (go figure)! One can be sure that he has many clones running amuck on campuses and in media rooms the nation over.

The reader responses to both letters are quite entertaining, indeed. Those very few who dissagreed with "The Nuge'" took up weak "Straw Man" arguments, as is typical of the mindless, socialist worker robots on the left. This was just about all they could conjur in the debate referenced in the post below, over at Quaker Agitator. As one can see by fully reading all of the comments in that thread, the Straw Man does most of their arguing for them. They can't argue with facts so they'll misrepresent the original point and defeat an imaginary argument they concoct in their weak little minds. It is pathetic but still entertaining.