Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I've started and recovered this post 3 times now. Each one became long diatribes consisting of the same facts and talking points that I've repeated here time and time again. I can argue this subject all day long and those who visit regularly know exactly how I feel about this subject. Most, not all, feel the same. I've taken up the debate elsewhere, namely at The Quaker Agitator. He, is very liberal so we agree on almost nothing, but he's also very civilized and obviously educated so I don't mind debating with him. If anyone really wants to hear me rant, that is where I'll be doing it on this particular subject. By the way, I'm among "unfriendlies" over there and I'm sure I'm ruffling quite a few feathers so if anyone wants to help....chime in. That said, I'll make a couple of points on this subject

First of all, I'm deeply saddened by the events of April 16th. I'm sickened, angered, and frustrated...just like everyone else. I mourn the loss of these young people. I pray for their families and I worry about the security of school campuses everywhere. The argument from the left is that they want a police state. Take away the guns and lock down the campuses and bring on the Gestapo. Surveillance cameras, metal detectors, security officers and LAWS, LAWS AND MORE LAWS. "Pass a friggin' law" That'll show 'em. Yeah, whatever.

Obviously "Cho Seung-Hui" didn't give a flying wombat doo doo about the number of laws that should've prevented him from gunning down 32 defenseless people and then shooting himself. But alas, it's the same 'ol argument from me and the same 'ol argument from them. "Let me defend myself", I say. "No", they say, "if attacked, you should just give up and die for the greater good." "@$&*-#%$!", I say back to them!

Liberalism is a disease. It truly is. It must be some mental defect. It has to be. Logic escapes them. Reason is absent from their psyche. Emotion is what drives them on the destructive road down which they pull our dying nation. Feel good legislation empowers them to enslave the rest of us and relieve us of our civil liberties. Being offended is their leisurely passtime. They indoctrinate and thus infect our children in school. They force their will and limit my freedom. They monopolize the media and report only what is convenient to their socialist agenda.

These young people were chained into a stone building with nowhere to run. They died defenseless while Cho Seung-Hui had himself a "turkey shoot". They died defenseless. Let me say that again (this is me yelling) THEY DIED DEFENSELESS! What's so freaking hard to understand about this? How are you and your "Laws" going to help protect me from a lunatic with a gun? I'm nauseated by what happened but I'm equally nauseated by the predictable response from those leftist lunies who cannot and will not allow anyone to exercise their right to self-preservation on a school campus because we might "snap"! I cannot protect myself against what IS happening because they're so scared of what they say MIGHT happen

This will continue to happen. It will get worse. It will not stop. No law will prevent it. No amount of security can predict or guard against it. Nothing could have protected those people from this madman with a gun except another man with a gun. No amount of arguing can tiptoe around this irrefutable and undisputable fact. Get ready comes the 'ol smoke and mirrors act. Pay no attention to the gorilla in the room. It's because the laws just aren't "strong" enough. We need "sensible legislation", they'll say. We don't need sensible legislation....WE NEED COMMON SENSE. We don't need a Nanny state, WE NEED A FREE STATE. You cannot protect me, yet you would deny me the right to protect myself.