Friday, April 13, 2007

Tirelessly beating a dead friggin horse!

(knuckles cracking) I will never, ever back down from this stinking issue....ever. Again, our conservative State Legislature is trying to do something to uphold my Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms and the local liberal media has spun it into a controversy, because as we all know, oversensationalized controversies sell papers and make people tune into the news to get their daily dose of dirty laundry.

The State Legislators want to make it against the law for an employer to dictate whether or not an employee can keep a firearm in their vehicle while at work. It's perfectly legal to carry a firearm in your vehicle in the State of Florida, even without a permit. Below is a transcript of a news segment that aired yesterday evening on our local ABC affiliate:

"Guns At Work"

If you're a gun owner you could soon have more say so on where you can carry it. A bill making it's way to the Florida Senate would let gun owners keep firearms in the car, even at work.

(Channel Three's Jake Peterson is in Escambia County with what the proposed law means to you and your workplace.) You never know what you might find in a co-workers car. If it's a gun, many bosses say that employee could be fired from their company, but that may soon change.

"It's personal protection." Mike Hicks says, "It's one of your rights to keep a gun with you at all times." He typically arms himself and he doesn't agree with companies who say he shouldn't. "For somebody to say you can't leave a gun in your car which is your property, that's a Second Amendment violation. I cant figure out why they want to allow it."

Piping And Equipment Inc. Chairman, Ron Yeakle, has no problem with guns, but doesn't want employees having them on his property. "To allow people to put a gun in the car and drive to work and leave that car in the parking lot is one of the worst things that could happen to my business. He says workplaces are full of full of personalities that could collide and it doesn't make sense to have guns nearby.
"We've got alot of loose cannons out there today." Some

Escambia County factory workers agree. "I don't think they should do that cause some employee might get disgruntled and get their gun and shoot everybody." Mike Hicks says restricting where guns can be will never solve how they are used. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people so there's always going be someone out there who wants to do something crazy, no law is going protect against that."

The bill has to overcome some hurdles before it becomes law. The Senate still has to vote on it and Governor Charlie Crist is not saying if he'll sign the bill if it comes to his desk.

Oh, man. Nothing gets my blood boiling worse than ignorant people with a microphone in their face...including journalists! It is already legal to carry a gun in your car. There is nothing in the law allowing an employer to forbid you from having a firearm in your vehicle. Laws are not passed to make something legal, they are passed to make something ILLEGAL. What they want to make illegal is an employers right to fire you if you carry a firearm in your vehicle on company property. Currently, in the State of Florida your employer can make it against company policy for you to have a firearm on the premesis and fire you for violating that policy, but the law cannot and will not hold you accountable because, although it is against internal policy, it is not against State law. Some states make it illegal to carry a firearm into a place which clearly posts a sign forbidding it. Florida has no such law. If it is discovered (by any means other than unlawful brandishing) that you have a firearm, and the proprietor of that business decides that you are not welcome, you may be asked to leave and given a trespass warning but you cannot be arrested because, so long as you are properly licensed, there is no law forbidding it.

No matter how many times valid reasoning, extensive discussion, irrefutable evidence, overwhelming statistics or just good solid debate has put this issue to rest, the media continues to play on this hypothetical scenario that an otherwise upstanding, law-abiding citizen who has never commited a crime, if armed, could become "disgruntled", suddenly "snap" and run amuck with a gun, shooting innocent people. They would have you believe that as long as it is illegal for this person to have that gun that, even though they had intentions of breaking the law by murdering someone, they will somehow, magically adhere to the law that forbids them to take up a firearm and everyone will be saved. They seem to insist that the unwashed masses are incapable of taking care of themselves and should therefore be protected against a statistical improbability by the inacting of a law, which if said improbability were to occur, would not and could not deter the action of a crazed person hell-bent on killing someone.

It's always been illegal to commit murder! Outlawing the possession of but one of the tools with which one can accomplish that feat is not going to prevent it from happening. People have been killing each other since the dawn of time. Preventing law abiding citizens from carrying their own weapons, only serves to keep them from being able to defend themselves against this hypothetical crazy 'postal worker' that the media seems to convince people is lurking in every shadow, just waiting to pounce if only he could LEGALLY get his hands on a firearm! How friggin' crazy does that sound? Can you imagine this person? "Boy I'd sure like to go into work today wreaking havoc and mayhem and just kill everyone there....but golly gee's against the law for me to carry a gun on company property. Just darn the luck! Guess I'll just have to channel my rage into positive energy." How unbelievably ludicrous is that??

That's who they're trying to protect you from....that guy...that guy who would break the law and kill people if only it were legal to do so! Ahhhhggg! This makes me want to vomit...that they can take this pie tin full of shit, top it with whipped cream and a cherry and sell it to a bunch of stupid sheep who gobble it down and come back for seconds! Who are you people? How can you be so easily led to slaughter? Have you no will of your own? Have you not the ability to think and reason for yourself? Must you be spoonfed someone elses political agenda like a baby with the 'ol "BUZZZZZZZZZ, Here's the airplane coming into land......OPEN WIDE!"?