Saturday, April 14, 2007


The subject of the post below has gotten me upset, folks. I'm sickened by the endless bombardment of Nanny State politics by the liberal media. How can one free man say to another that he cannot keep his means to defend himself in his vehicle while he's at work? How can we ever hope to truly be free if we do not embrace the very quintessential essence of what freedom is? LIBERTY BEFORE ORDER! Order is good. Order is needed, but order should never come at the price of liberty!

Here's a thought. If my employer denies me the right to carry a firearm in my vehicle while on company property and I get carjacked on the way home from work. Would my employer be willing to take responsibility for my not being able to defend myself? I think not. What if I live in my car. Can he deny my right to keep a gun in my home?

The basic fact is this: In most states one's conveyance has long been considered an extension of their domicile. The same rights that I possess at home, I possess in my car. I don't have to retreat from my vehicle and entering it without my permission is considered burglary. It's my own little sovereign territory. Exceptions will arise such as working on a military base but in the private sector, (though I don't necessarily agree) I think an employer could legally say I don't want weapons "IN" my facility but his rules and his rights stop at my car door! That's my domain.

No one will compile statistics on how many of these lunatics legally own the guns they commit crimes with or on what percentage of these lunatics were either diagnosed lunatics or showed lunatic-like behavior prior to their lunatic crime spree. No one will compile statistics on what percentage of law abiding citizens who own and carry guns wind up committing violent crimes with those guns. You see those statistics wouldn't support their argument that one day I might just "snap". They would most definitely show that it is indeed "crazy" people who go "crazy". It would show that gun owners are statistically some of the most well behaved, law abiding citizens in this country. They are usually more familiar with the law and their Constitutional rights than those who do not own guns.

That's why they don't try to feed this shit sandwich to me or you or any other gun owner. They feed it to Mr. and Mrs. "Regular Joe" who are probably indifferent to it all anyway much like they are to all politics. They'll peddle their BS to Mr. and Mrs. "Regular Joe" who do not own guns and convince them that they are unsafe because I do. They own the media and its difficult as one of the non-ignorant to make as much noise as they do simply due to a lack of outlets. Not only do they own the media, they own the academia as well and they indoctrinate little clones of themselves from Kindergarten to College. Why does this not scare more people?

Anyone who doesn't already believe that this is all part of a "Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy" in an attempt to shift this Country into Socialism probably doesn't care enough to find out the facts for themselves anyway and are content to be spoonfed their information by the one sided PC liberal media. They truly are sheep...ignorant, and incapable of formulating their own opinion, who live in a Country where it has become popular to be "offended".

I am a Patriot and I am villainized for it. I care not only about my rights but yours as well and I'm placed on the fringe. I am one of many, but unfortunately there are too few who are willing to speak loudly enough to be heard. There are Patriots left in this Country. Sadly, many of them are too caught up in the "pursuit of happiness" and have all but given up on "life and liberty". I am one of the many who believe...yet I am one of few who speak.

Patriots should start to make some noise. Loud noise. Or we will vanish from this planet. Will the last patriot standing please flip the world a bird before falling?