Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bush Vetos War Funding

It has been said that "Freedom isn’t free" and there has never been a more true statement. But that statement reaches farther than many may consider. Our sons and daughters in uniform, dying on the battlefield while serving their country, is certainly one of the most significant of those “costs of freedom”...but there are others.

We live in a free country and enjoy the greatest amount of liberty (though the left is doing their best to remedy this) than any other nation on the planet. Our elected officials work at our leisure and are ultimately accountable to us for all of their official actions and omissions. Much to the disliking of more than a few in Congress, the President enjoys certain powers not extended to the Legislative Branch. One of those powers is that of “Commander in Chief”. Congress can declare war, but they cannot wage one. Only the President may send our troops to fight, and only he may recall them. He does not need a decalration to put our troops into harms way, though the issuance of one certainly makes paying for a war much less of a headache for him.

Our forefathers knew that such complex issues as fighting a war would divide Congress. Everything would come to a vote and every vote would be preceded by a debate and nothing would get solved in a timely manner. Stuff gets tabled, sent to committees who then form sub-committees who sit on it till after recess, blah blah blah. One person has to have supreme authority. One person has to be responsible. One person needs to make the decision. That person is the President of the United States.

Ideally, one person wouldn’t wield such power in a free Republic. But it is necessary...a cost of the level of freedom we enjoy. We may disagree with his objectives, his leadership or his tactics...hell we may even hate him, but stifling his efforts, stonewalling his objectives or derailing his plans by refusing to properly fund whatever mission he has given our troops to carry out, is a means that serves no other end than the ultimate demoralization and over-burdoning of a US military that will, in turn, pointlessly cause our forces to suffer greater losses. It will negatively affect retention of current forces and the recruitment of new and replacement forces. The worst possibility is that it will lead to the defeat of American Forces on the field of battle.

FOLLOWING THE LEADER YOU HAVE may not always be easy or desirable, but it is also a cost of being free. HE IS the leader we elected and he has chosen a path and the nation must follow. Purposefully causing him to stumble on that path is not only a treasonous thing to do, but quite dangerous for Americans everywhere. We don’t need to look like a bunch of bumbling, uncommitted, unorganized idiots to our enemies. Wherever we go, we must go boldly. Whatever enemy we fight in battle, we must fight to win.

What American in their right mind would want us to lose?? Would anyone prefer the massive loss of our troops and defeat in battle just so they can claim a political victory? Is it possible to be an elected public servant yet be so self centered and hell bent on political agenda that one would be willing to undermine and railroad our Commander in Chief in a time of war? One would think not. Yet that seems to be just what this Congress has in mind. They send him a bill forcing a timetable to admit can they not expect a veto? Fact is, the Dhimmicrats are more interested in defeating Bush than defeating the enemy. They are more interested in making him look bad than making us look good. They are more interested in sinking him than elevating our country. And they are willing to sacrifice human lives to accomplish that.

Congress has powers of its own and possesses many avenues and options to pressure or persuade the President to change policy or cease activities. But trying to force constraints that either tell him how to, or prevent his capacity to do his job is is self destructive and is NOT THE WAY. Neither is the total disregard of his position by thumbing one’s nose at policies he or his administration have enacted. This Congress seems to have a penchant for overstepping their bounds. An example would be Pelosi's recent trip to Syria (already ranted on here in Wadical land) This trip was a severe blow to American Diplomacy. A high ranking U.S. elected official travels to a country run by a terrorist supporting thug and offers him “back door” diplomatic channels by which to negotiate with a United States who has long since had policies forbidding it. How is that not treason? Nancy Pelosi’s actions undermine freedom. They make a mockery of the systems by which we govern this country. They are typical of the leftist agendas and how they are more important to them than your freedom or mine. They are out to change this country into the very thing our fathers bled and died to prevent.

"Freedom ain’t free". Sometimes the cost of freedom is marching to a tune you don’t happen to like. Sometime the cost of freedom is having to follow the policies of a leader you didn’t vote for. Sometime the cost of freedom is crossing the isle in solidarity when it comes to the safety and security of not only our sovereign soil but also our foreign or economic interests abroad. Sometimes the cost of freedom means having to vote to fund a conflict you don’t happen to agree with even though you’ll have no say on if or how that conflict takes place....and if for no other reason than the safety and success of our troops should be paramount. Our troops must have the necessary equipment, proper funding and adequate personnel to carry out the mission they have at hand whether you or I or anyone else happens to agree with that mission.

How many of you stick magnets on your cars, wear lapel pins, tie yellow ribbons " 'round the old oak tree”, wave flags or put cool little icons on your blog site to show that you happen to “support the troops”? Yeah, well all of that is great, but you cannot support them without supporting their mission. You don’t have to agree with that mission but you must support it if you claim to support them. That goes for everyone from those defeatist, liberal, multi-culturals who sit high on Capitol Hill so unbelievably detatched from mainstream reality to Joe Shmuckatelli American sitting in his Lay Z Boy....Do what you gotta do to give them what they need, not just to survive, BUT TO WIN!