Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'll give you $100 for that $500 gun. Whadaya say?

Chicago...nice town, huh? It's one of the most dangerous cities in America. Violent crime is nearly epidemic. Murder, rape, robbery.... it's all just another day in the "Windy City". No surprise that it happens to be in one of the most "gun unfriendly" states in the union. Your Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms doesn't exist in Illiniois. The "State" somehow overrides the Federation and just catagorically "denies" it's citizens the protection afforded them by the nation's Bill of Rights......because "guns are dangerous".

Despite the State's longstanding effort to disarm its citizenry, crime abounds and apparently no one is safe, not even the most "affluent" of its citizens. NBA stars, and Chicago area residents, Eddy Curry and Antoine Walker recently learned that fact the hard way. Within weeks of each other, both had armed men invade their homes and rob them at gunpoint. Nothing could be more frightening or make a person feel more vulnerable than to be held hostage in their own home by a stranger with a gun. Did those gun laws protect these two men and their families? What do you think?

What's the answer? Well, here's how the liberal mind works...if what we're doing isn't working, don't change, just keep doing the same thing. And in typical liberal fashion, The City of Chicago has done just that. Apparently, taxpayers have just had their pockets cleaned out by a phenomenally STUPID "Gun buy back" to the tune of $670, 000! The Chicago Police gave anyone and everyone who would bring in a gun a prepaid $100 Mastercard....no questions asked! Any ol' piece of shit pea shooter is worth $100 to the Chicago Police Department. This half million dollar disaster was touted as "the most successful single-day event in the country" when, in fact, what it did was attract 6700 people who were down on their luck and hard up for a hundred bucks. Do they really want you to believe that some thug drug dealer with all that "diamond bling" hanging around his neck and the $5K 22 inch spinners on his ghetto sled had a change of heart and turned in his gun? Do they really want you to believe that someone would give up a decent $600 handgun for $100 just to benefit the "greater good"? Are they friggin' serious? Well that's the bait they're wigglin' and apparently there are plenty of dumb sheep liberals out there willing to bite.

WGN showed this "cache" of guns that were turned in on the evening news and what I saw were rows upon rows of single shot hunting rifles and shotguns, tables full of rusty old revolvers (some even without cylinders or grips), ancient pieces of crap! How many people do you think were robbed or murdered in Illinois last year with a single shot shotgun? How many drug dealers are packing a bolt action hunting rifle with a 26 inch barrel? How many folks do you think were victimized by someone wielding a rusted up inoperable revolver? The true victims here are the Chicago tax payers. What a joke! If their gun laws work then where the hell did these 6700 guns come from?

Smile Chicago....you just got raped...and you still have no protection against a criminal with a gun.