Monday, June 25, 2007

Justice is like the tides, it comes...and then it goes.

“Two counts of murder”…that’s what Bobby L Cutts Jr. is charged with. TWO. Why two? Because he allegedly killed Jessie Davis and by doing so also killed her UNBORN child. This puzzles me, not because I disagree with the charge, but because Ohio, like most other states, seems to have a double standard when it comes to killing the unborn.

Though the state has a few more hoops to jump through than others, abortion is still legal in Ohio. A woman can, choose to have a licensed physician terminate the life of her unborn child and society will call that choice equitable and fair. But if someone punches her in the stomach and causes her to miscarry, technically, that person can and should, rightfully be charged with murder.

It seems Ohio (which is not alone in this particular view) is perfectly willing to acknowledge that a fetus is a “human being” with all human rights intact…so long as the mother “wants it to be”. But no one charges a physician with murder when he performs an abortion, though, by every definition of the word, that is exactly what he is doing. No one would dream of charging the mother, with accessory to murder when she's the one who funds and authorizes the act and provides access to the victim. No one considers the legislators and judges who essentially sanction the act to be directly or even indirectly responsible for the death of an aborted child. Yet they have no problem charging Bobby L Cutts with two counts of 1st Degree Premeditated Murder.

Don’t get me wrong. If Bobby Cutts killed Jessie Davis and her child, then he deserves a speedy trial and a potent intraveneous cocktail. Death isn’t good enough for her killer, because one can only experience death once, and this killer killed twice. On that fact, I agree with the State of Ohio. But what of the hundreds of children who die, not at the hand of an enraged attacker on a dirty street, but at the “healing” hands of a physician on a sterile table?