Friday, September 14, 2007

It matters, not so much what we've done, as what we're going to do

No cowardly moonbat at the traitorous, Soros funded "" possesses the honor required to look a man like General David Petraeus in the eye, much less spit in it as they did by taking out a despicable ad in their puppet newspaper, The New York Times accusing him of betrayal. Where Hilary gets the gall to damn near accuse the man of lying, replying to his report by saying : "I think that the reports you provide to us really require the willing suspension of disbelief." I'll never know. One thing is for certain, though. The left is willing to do ANYTHING to derail any plan for victory in Iraq, because they see it as a victory for Republicans. The typical "smoke and mirrors"/"distraction" tactics apply, as usual, when they debate the issue, choosing to concentrate on the pointless position that invading Iraq was wrong to begin with. Well let's assume, for the sake of argument, that they are right, that the entire invasion was an ill conceived idea by an idiot President.....So the hell what?

Life is not a series of perfect decisions, made with perfect interpretations and carried out by perfect execution. Hypothetically speaking, (and I do mean HYPOTHETICALLY) if you or I made a mistake, then upon realization of that mistake we would reasonably be expected to make the best decisions we could to rectify (if possible) or at least minimize its immediate and long term impacts. It's what responsible people do. It's commonly referred to as "Damage Control". Why is this concept so difficult to grasp for the Democratic elitists in Washington, so many of whom conveniently forget that they too voted in confidence for the plan to invade Iraq? Why are they so hell bent on the absolute defeat of American forces in the Middle East? Why would they accept such an absurd notion as retreat, and thus defeat?

Save your answer to that question and consider the following. Though I believe that calling the invasion of Iraq a "mistake" is in itself a "mistake", if it allows the Democrats to save face, why can't we all just agree to disagree on that fact and move the hell on? Why wouldn't they take the responsible, patriotic route of insuring that any subsequent moves by the United States wouldn't jeopardize it further (such as tucking tail and running)? Why do they steadfastly refuse to concede the very factual and obvious point that retreating now would, negate and nullify any sacrifice made by our armed forces thus far, contribute to the rapid destabilization of the entire region, create a safe haven environment for terrorist organizations and, at the same time, embolden, encourage, and empower our enemy even further, thus endangering American lives and interests both at home and abroad? We can disagree all day long whether the invasion of Iraq was right or wrong. Historians will be debating that issue long after we're gone, but at the same time, it is ludicrous to suggest that, accepting that disagreement as a given, we cannot still adopt a common goal of the best route to achieving peace and stability through victory. How we got on this particular square in the first place is a moot point, but one the Democrats continue to harp on at the expense of ignoring the obvious and very valid question, "How are we going to proceed with the plan for victory, NOW?", that is unless the opposition doesn't like the concept of victory, preferring instead our subservience to our victors, in which case retreat would be the logical course of action.

Are there any patriots left among Democrats? Are there any who wouldn't sell out this Country and its brave servicemen and women for a few points on the latest political poll? Is making our Republican President into a buffoon that damned important? If there are any true Americans left among you, for the sake of our posterity, SPEAK THE HELL UP! Otherwise, go ahead and buy your Burqas, Qurans, cheap sandals and prayer mats now, because if our nation follows your lead, THAT will be its reward. First, we'll all speak Spanish, and then we'll all speak Arabic.

For those of you who believe that, despite any hypothetical mistake we may or may not have made in our decision to invade Iraq, VICTORY is the only acceptable outcome to this war, then click the link on the pic below and sign the petition so that your voice might be heard over the deafening flapping of the white Democratic flag of surrender.

(link lifted from the beautiful and talented Michelle Malkin.)